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    The most perfect browser for the work in the Internet
    the opera mini for youOpera’ browsers were always provided for the great work in the Internet at cell/mobile phones. Mobile browsers of last version contain some improvements, which make Opera Mini and Opera Mobile the best browsers for the great number of devices.
    Understandable, simple and first-class work tools, which Opera are represented, now are improved and support the latest technologies., web-pages, like at usual PC, are reflected as full ones at Opera’ mobile browsers.
    Switching the opened pages becomes quicker because of inlay, and the express-backboard allows opening selected web-sites with only one touch. You can add as many recordings to express-backboard as you need – there are no limits!
    Even if you don’t have a smartphone, but you have a usual cell-phone with Opera mobile browser, you still can use numerous advanced functions of web-browsers, among which are networking intellectual home page. Keep an eye on publications of your friends and contacts at start screen of your phone. Receive important news, weather forecast, sport news and so on.
    Opera Mini’ and Opera Mobile’ browsers are easy to use on different devices – with touchscreen or keyboard. Browser can switch automatically from book to landscape page orientation, and also can adapt text for easier reading.
    High performance of a browser
    Latest version of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile became quicker and high-powered. Even on sites, where are data encryption and numerous diagrams used, pages are loaded easily and scroll gradually. Because of hardware acceleration WebGL at Opera Mobile browser you can have an opportunity to play next generation games at your mobile devices.  Control items differ in responsiveness, and colors and textures became richer and more realistic. Opera guarantee perfect work in the Internet no matter what kind of phone you are using.
    High performance of the browser
    More pages, less waiting
    The Internet has never been such quick at your phone. Swift pages redraw and data reduction at server help Opera browser  to quick loading of web-pages of other browsers. Such functions as address backboard, keyboard navigation and screen management save on your time thanks to performance basic actions – address input or page turning.
    Economize of money thanks to data reduction
    Opera is an intelligent choice among using of high price fee plan. Because of lower growth of downloaded data you will pay less for the Internet using. Opera Mini uses only 1/10 of a traffic, that usually used by other browsers, packing the pages  for 90 percent. Instead, Opera Mobile, when turn on Opera Turbo, packing the data for 80 percent. And you still can disable this function and receive all pages like at PC.
    Quick access to different sites
    You can easily place your favorite sites at express backboard and open them with only one touch. You also can synchronize them with your personal computer thanks to Opera Link.
    Easy work at different device
    Interface of browser is adapted to both keyboard and screen devices. You can manage panning or scroll with help of keyboard and by touching the screen.
    Multitasking thanks to inlays
    As at your PC, you can save few opened pages and switch them with help of inlays. At screen devices thanks to visual inlays you can browse design of pages before you make a choice.
    Quick input of an address
    Input of an address became easier thanks to function of automatical completion. Opera browser would try to recognize the address, you are entering, and give proper variant of address right after entering of few symbols. Your tabs and pages, that were visited by you, will also be represented at the list of possible variants.
    Enter a text without a focus loss
    Entering of a text at screen phones became easier than ever. You can use Opera virtual keyboard for text entering or editing without a necessity of leaving from browse page even at devices with inconvenient screen keyboard.
    Easy to use display
    When you working with large pages, Opera browser will try to relocate browsing frame exactly to column you want to read.
    Use the whole screen maximum
    You can use every pixel of phone’s screen to display pages at Opera full-screen-mode. Browser’ backboards will be latent. That prerogative enable browse more content of a page at the screen of phone.
    Better browse
    Opera browser can adjust web-pages to screen of a phone during browsing of a whole page. To approximate and read the text you have only to press the button or touch the screen. You also can use ranging to necessary size with two fingers at special devices.

    Performance capabilities

    Your data always with you
    Save your inlays, express backboards and searches at the My Opera portal, also synchronize them with Opera browser at your computer or notebook. Synchronization of OperaLink allow you to have all your data with you.
    Share your discoveries with others
    If you find an interesting page and want to tell about it others, you can use button “Share” at the Opera menu. Then you should choose one of the social network service to publication of the link of this page.
    Search on the page
    Search on the page let you find the text easily even on a large ones. After the entering of few letters Opera will automatically brighten the variants, so you can travel among search results.
    Manage downloads
    Download function of Opera is the best for mobile phones, and it integrated to browser. Start to download files – you can check this process at Download menu. You can hold or restart the process of download.
    Quick access to inlays
    Save, edit, and allocate inlays to the folders. Suitable inlay managing let you to work with numerous sites. Synchronization is also can let you shift the inlays to the other devices and computers, so that your inlays will always be with you.
    Review the history
    You easily can find pages, that you’ve visited earlier, in Opera traffic history. Pages at history are integrated by date, so you can easily find the required.
    Saving the pages

    If you find an interesting page, you can save it in the phone for further reading even when there is no network connect.