Installing Opera

  In this article you will learn how to install opera mini on the phone (Samsung, Android OS, Nokia), including the Chinese versions of these phones.

If you have a mobile phone has support for Java MIDP 1.0 and 2.0., The phone supports Opera Mini browser.

opera mini installing

Quick install Opera Mini. handle any

A prerequisite for installing the browser - it is activated java support, and wap. A typical installation is standard for all types of phones.

Type in the address bar of your phone's official site vendor (in this case, opera mini). Then in the window you will see that your model is determined and you can safely download the Java application to my phone. If you swing from the official site, the application will be in English.

If your phone is incorrect - it should not be worried. My phone is Samsung s5230 identified as Samsung s5250 - and everything was fine.

After confirming the MIDlet download (program) - will download and install a standard. If you want to download midlets on other sites - you see - it could be dangerous