Opera Mini 7

opera mini 7Opera Mini 7 - Web browser designed for such mobile devices such as PDAs and phones. With Opera Mini 7 can directly view your favorite sites on the screen of your mobile phone.

Opera Mini 7 download useful to those who have phones with small screens, the browser has a zoom function pages. You can download the Opera Mini browser is a unique seven, it introduced a special service of Opera Link, its function is based on the synchronization of bookmarks from Opera mini and standard version of Opera.

In Opera 7 Mini huge number of advantages over other browsers, are the main ones:


Allowed scrolling with keys

In Opera 7 Mini has access to the most popular features by using the context menu

CSS Support

You can use a virtual cursor, the mouse has the ability to find content and links, and she will bring to them automatically

You can automatically select the location on the page from which you would like to start reading

Page loading was carried out quickly by converting your own tags in the format

Pages are optimized for the new data processing algorithms.